Meet me at the "X"

Every Saturday nite, the XXX drive-in in Issaquah, Washington has a great turn-out of classic cars. On Saturday, May 30th, 1998, we held our first official meet as the SEACGP. Six Grand Prix owners (and three wives!) got together to share our enthusiasm and we all had a great time.

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Left to right, Jay's 98 Black GTP, Igor's 98 Red GTP, Brock's 98 Forest Green GTP, Brian's 98 Red GTP, Tim's 97 Black GTP and Mike's 97 Red GT.

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Some stats included 1 sunroof, two bras, one custom K&N intake, 3 front license plates, 4 tint jobs, two rear reflective lettering, 1 set of custom wheels and one set of SLP exhaust tips.

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