SEACGP at the 'X' - May 8th, 1999

Man, when is it gunna be spring time here in the Northwest?   We had record lows, scattered showers and snow in the passes!   Two people, Dana Ormsby (Whidbey Island) and Kerry Schleufer (Spokane) called ahead to say they wouldn't make it due to the weather!   But hey, it didn't actually start raining until Mike Lewis showed up!   ;^)

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Those who braved the weather were:
  • Russ Ellman
  • Steve Howard
  • Michael Lewis
  • Doug Mill
  • Brock Phillips
  • Witold Piwowar
  • Kevin Reimer
  • Brian Wicklund

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It's always great to see new faces, thanks to Russ and Steve for coming out to say hello.   And special thanks to Witold (driving his beautiful new Bronzemist GTP Coupe) for coming all the way out from Richmond, BC!