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NEWS 2003

We've had a few new members since the last update here, boy am I lame. Here's a quick rundown and welcome to you all. Hopefully I've got everyone covered that hasn't been listed before.
Listed in order of joining, as best I can recall. Hope I'm not missing anyone, you know what to do if I am. Our newest members are:

  • Larry Hamman from Kennewick, WA.  1997 Bright Red Grand Prix GTP Sedan.

  • Gary Yee from Vancouver, BC.  2002 Grand Prix GTP which replaces the Miata he had previously.

  • Kyle Wooten in Ft. Lewis, WA.  1996 White Grand Prix SE Coupe.

  • William Bruno from Everett, WA.  2002 Blue Black Metallic Grand Prix GTP Sedan.

  • Gary Honn from Seattle, WA.  2002 Silvermist Grand Prix GTP Coupe. This is Gary's second GTP.

  • Reinyn Bedlington from Olympia, WA.  1998 Bordeaux Red Regal GS Sedan.

  • Thomas Stoppenbach from Hillsboro, OR. 1998 Black Grand Prix GTP Sedan with a number of mods.

  • Ken DeLost from Tacoma, WA.  1998 Black Grand Prix GTP Sedan. Ken took home a check from the Bremerton BOP event when he met up with us the first time.

  • Chris Schule from Oak Harbor, WA.  1997 Black Grand Prix GTP Coupe.

  • Shawn Pier from Olympia, WA.  2000 Midnight Blue Grand Prix GT Sedan.

  • Michael Ruckhaber from Oak Harbor, WA.  2000 Forest Green Grand Prix GTP Sedan. You can see Michael's web site here.

  • Josh Twyford from Mukilteo, WA.  1998 Dark Forest Green Grand Prix GTP Sedan with a Helo wheels and SD hood.

  • Duane Berg from ?????  1997 White Grand Prix GTP Sedan.

  • Sue Hunsaker from Enumclaw, WA.  2002 40th Anniversary Edition Grand Prix GTP Sedan and a cool little K-9 pal Idgie that those of us at Jan '03 meeting got to meet.

  • Dan and Tammy Ivey from Yelm, WA.  2000 Grand Prix GTP Daytona Pace Car. Dan and Tammy are also members of PNWCC and often race in the Car Club Challenge.

  • Max Uecker from Portland, OR.  1999 Medium Gulf Blue Grand Prix GTP Sedan. Max actually came up for the last CCC event last year and ran a 14.2X with his stock '99 GTP.

  • Brad Toth from White Rock, BC.  2001 Red Special Edition Grand Prix GTP.

  • Eli Hauschild from Marysville, WA.  1998 Red Grand Prix GTP Coupe with Pulley Boys 3.4 pulley, custom 9" K&N Cone and other mods.

Other news:

A new Member's Rides page will be coming soon, I'll be hitting you up for as much info on your car as you're willing to give me. A new look for the site is maturing as well, it will be a total surprise so don't ask me what it looks like. If you hate it when it's up let me know and I'll tell you where you can put your opinion. ;)

Your webmaster (RC) has been selected as the Race Director for the coming 2003 Car Club Competition Association season. Hopefully I can do a good job.

Updates on the 2003 Car Club Challenge schedule and 2003 Calendar.

Pictures from the Jan 11, 2003 Monthly meeting at the X here and here.

This link has few pictures from the May 11, 2002 Car Club Challenge event at Bremerton in a small gallery.

Here are a couple MPEG-1 videos taken by my beautiful wife at an ET Brackets event at Pacific Raceways last August. I've got some analog source video that I need to finish editing the capture on and I can put that up as well. The first video is a pre-eliminations time run against a 360 powered 'Cuda. Yeah, that's one really bad RT (reaction time) on my board, you'll notice it when it becomes visible in video. The second video is in the first round of eliminations, he had a 20.58 dial and I was dialed at a 14.29 I believe, giving over a 6 second head start to a Subaru being raced by one of the Mandolin family. Here is an image of us sitting in the ready box just before they pull us up. I lost that race due to a breakout but I did get by him at the end, unfortunately(?) the video does not capture the whole race due to the camera's capture time being exceeded. RT had a lot to do with losing that race. I figured I'd put these up there because they give some idea of what it's like for those considering coming out to race with the team for CCC. What's this RT that RC keeps talking about? It's one of the keys to winning bracket drag races and measures the time from when the green light in your lane is lit on the tree and when you clear the front staging beam as you leave the line. It does not affect your ET (elapsed time, which starts from the time you clear that beam and runs until you break the finish line beam) but it does have a lot to do with winning and losing. If you race this is one of the key aspects you will learn.

Do you have some SEACGP images we should put up here? Shoot a message to the webmaster telling him about them. Check out the Yahoo Groups file listings for some pictures as well, many have been put up there and you can get there from a link from the gallery under the 2002 and 2001 listings. It's easier to get to the Yahoo Groups site now also, a link has been added to the menu for the Email List to make getting there easier.


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Last updated on 01/30/2003